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Affordable solar energy!

Babio is a California-based company that was born with the goal of making solar energy accessible to all homes, allowing them to reduce their energy consumption from the grid and therefore reduce their power bills as well.

We make residential solar energy adoption accessible, easy and affordable, providing a 100% digital solution using Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to our technology, we give people energy freedom and help them save money and become more independent from the grid.

We offer flexible payment options. You can always buy the solar panels from day one or lease at no upfront cost. We aim to make the process of switching to solar more affordable where homes can save from day one.

In our leases, our customers always choose the duration of the contract and have the permanent option to purchase the solar panels at any time.

Finally, our artificial intelligence-based technology helps customers maximize their savings by optimizing their energy consumption.

Do you want to learn more? Find out more about Babio and make a smart decision for the future.

Proud Member of CALSSA: Babio is part of the California Solar & Storage Association, a driving force in advancing solar and storage interests for over 40 years.

With 700+ member companies, CALSSA is California’s largest clean energy business group, shaping a stronger solar and storage future.

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We are proud to announce that Babio has been accredited by BBB® – International Association of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

This accreditation reflects our commitment to integrity and exceptional service. At Babio, we build trusted relationships. Trust us.

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