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Get your own proposal with the lowest price in seconds

Our quotes are 30% lower than others, get your panels in a few steps, and benefit from government incentives. Switch to solar energy for $65 per month.

More than 10,000 solar panels installed.


Lease or buy solar panels in California

Flexible options: Choose between 10 and 25 years of solar panel financing or leasing. The longer you are with us, the more you will save.


25-year Product Warranty

We provide a 25-year warranty covering inverters, solar panels, panel performance and installation.

Worry-free. Maintenance included

We manage everything for your solar panels, from permits and installations to warranties, incentives, and maintenance.

Go Solar! $0 Upfront cost guaranteed

Flexible financing to suit your needs. With AI, our prices are 30% lower than our competitors. Save from day one without any initial investment.

Fastest Installation (30-40 days)

We can finalize site assessments, designs, permits, and installations in just 30-40 days. Start your own long-term savings.

The best prices in California! Over 10,000 people are saving 95% on their electricity bills.

Our AI analyzes your energy consumption and instantly generates the most optimal solution that suits your energy needs.


Installing your solar panel at home has never been so easy

Install your customized solar panels in 3 simple steps


Get your Solar Proposal

Enter your information and calculate your personalized proposal.

Accept your Solar Proposal

Choose the best plan and sign the contract.

Your solar panels within 30 to 40 days

We'll handle everything from paperwork to solar panel installation.

Easy Process. Faster Solutions. Happy Customers.

Over +20,000 systems installed statewide


Alexander Smith

Babio Customer, Los Angeles.


Delighted with Babio’s solar leasing—easy bill savings, no upfront investment worries. Babio’s team handled everything; highly recommended!

Laura López

Babio Customer, Los Angeles.


Babio’s solar leasing exceeded expectations. Professional team, excellent guidance from start to fast, hassle-free installation. Now enjoying renewable energy with significant bill savings.

Michael Montoya

Babio Customer, Los Angeles.


Thanks to Babio, I enjoy solar energy at home without purchase and maintenance concerns. Leasing is convenient, affordable, saving money, and contributing to environmental conservation.

Babio is a proud member of the Energy Service Partners network

Babio’s experienced team and partners have perfected the solar installation process, fulfilling the needs of California homes.

Calculate your savings in 1 minute! Write to us now and get your free quote.

Benefit from solar energy:

  1. Long-term savings.
  2. Environmental awareness.
  3. Government incentives.
  4. Energy independence.
  5. Increase in property value.
  6. Resilience during power outages.
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