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Recommend a friend and earn $250 in cash.

Dear customers, help your loved ones save on energy bills. For each successful referral leading to a solar installation, you’ll receive a generous $250 cash reward.

At Babio, we believe in sharing the benefits of solar energy. If you know someone looking to reduce their electricity expenses, seize this chance to assist them.

Not only will you help them save money, but you’ll also be rewarded. Each successful referral resulting in a solar installation earns you $250 in cash as a token of our gratitude.

Don’t hesitate. Recommend us to friends and family, and let’s create a more affordable future together. Fill out the referral form below and start enjoying the benefits for yourself and your referrals.


Save Money

Reduce significantly yor power monthly bill and protect your domestic economy from rising energy prices.

Power your house

Avoid blackouts.Keep your house always on with clean energy.

Make money

Receive credit for daily excess solar production. The less you consume, the more credit you earn.
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