Enjoy solar prices up to 30% lower in just a few seconds

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, we provide instant, accurate online quotes with transparent prices that won’t change.
Free, no-obligation quote.

Enjoy 30% lower solar prices in just seconds

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, we provide instant, accurate online quotes with transparent prices that won’t change.
Free, no-obligation quote.

How does Babio work?

Our AI analyzes your energy usage and roof to instantly create an optimal solar and battery design.

Get a price in seconds

Enter your address and utility bill. We create an instant quote up to 30% lower than others.

Customize your solar plan

Personalize in just a click the solar panels, batteries and financing plan that best suit your needs.

Fast approval process

Once your solar plan is approved, we'll visit your home to ensure everything's good to go.

Effortless Installation

We handle all the installation process. In just 30-40 days, start saving 95% on your power bill.

The benefits of going solar with Babio


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Our customers, our best guarantee

Take a look at what our customers from California have to say.

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See how much you can save with solar!

Utility rates have soared over 50% and will climb higher! Secure your rate today with $0 upfront cost.

Equipment & Performance

Proudly made in the USA with best manufacturer warranty

Top solar panels

Get our market-leading, highly efficient solar panels. Performance guaranteed.

Premium microinverters

Maximize performance of each individual panel, with 24/7 monitoring.

Modular batteries

All battery options, including back-up, to store your electricity. Available in various sizes.

Babio has created the best network of top solar suppliers in California:


1. How can I get an instant free quote with a price that won't change afterwards?

Go to our AI-powered quotation tool here, enter your address and utility bill and we’ll provide you with an instant free quote with a price that won’t change afterwards! We’ll send this quote to your email address and phone number.

2. Why does Babio have a price up to 30% lower?

The answer is technology! Thanks to our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and advanced image processing technologies, we can create an instant solar design in seconds, reducing unnecessary overhead costs and optimizing the process. By analyzing aerial and satellite imagery of your roof, we accurately determine your home’s solar potential. This process involves assessing the amount of sunlight your roof receives and considering other factors, such as roof size, pitch and shading.

As a result, we are able to provide you with the lowest solar price – up to 30% lower – for the best performing equipment.

3. What do you mean by “best price guaranteed"?

“Best price guaranteed” means we’ll beat any quote you find elsewhere. We’re confident in offering the lowest prices in the market. If you discover a lower quote from another company, with similar materials, quantities and warranties, just send the quote to our solar specialist and we’ll beat it.

4. How can I customize my quote?

Customizing your quote is easy with our AI-powered quotation tool. You have the flexibility to tailor your energy system to fit your needs. Choose the number of panels and batteries, your preferred type of panels and batteries, select if you need a backup battery, select if you want an EV charger for your car and pick your preferred financing plan. It’s all about making the process as personalized and convenient as possible for you!

5. How much can I expect to save when I go solar?

You can easily calculate your savings in a few seconds using our AI-powered quotation tool. Click here and find how much you can save on your power bill. We provide the most accurate solar savings estimation thanks to our AI technology.

6. Does my state offer incentives to go solar?

No matter what state you live in, you’ll be eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit when you purchase your own solar system. This means that the Government will pay 30% of the system cost after 18 months of the installation date. Also, you can check which local solar and battery rebates you may be eligible for from your local utility.

If you decide to lease the panels instead of buying them, the great thing is that any benefits you would get through rebates and tax credits come to you in the form of a lower monthly cost with Babio. We’ll handle everything and take care of all the paperwork.

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