Frequently asked questions about solar energy with Babio​ Resolving your doubts about solar energy and Babio's services for a more sustainable future

How does Babio work?

At Babio, we harness the power of artificial intelligence combined with satellite and aerial image processing to provide rapid and accurate solar quotes for residential homes in seconds—a task that previously took days.

In just a few steps, we make solar energy straightforward and accessible for every home, offering protection against rising utility rates. What distinguishes us is not only our speed and affordability but also our commitment to customization. Each homeowner can tailor their solar quote in real time, ensuring a personalized and flexible solution that meets their unique needs.

Babio’s approach to solar energy is grounded in cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced image processing technologies. By analyzing aerial and satellite imagery of your roof, we accurately determine your home’s solar potential. This process involves assessing the amount of sunlight your roof receives and considering other vital factors, such as roof size, pitch, and shading. Our technology automates this intricate analysis, allowing us to instantly provide an online design proposal for your solar system. This approach not only simplifies the quote generation process but also guarantees that each proposal is precisely customized to your home’s specific features.

However, Babio’s services extend beyond providing the market’s most customizable quotes. We oversee the entire solar installation process, facilitating a smooth transition to clean energy. Our team of experts handles all necessary steps, from initial design to final installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. With Babio, there’s no need for an upfront investment. Our flexible financing options, including loans and leases at competitive rates, make the switch to solar energy both affordable and accessible. The installation is conducted with the utmost care, and we stand by the performance of our solar panels with a 25-year guarantee, ensuring long-term reliability and satisfaction.

Babio is revolutionizing the way Californians embrace solar energy.

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